Raw Feeding Terms

Bare Nekkid Bones:

Nearly Meatless Deer Ribcage

Bones with very little, if any, meat on them, sometimes referred to a recreational bones. These are not worth the trouble, or the potential danger. If they are weight-bearing bones from large ungulates, which are usually sold as soup bones, they can break teeth.

Cannon Butt:



A term used to describe the way many raw feeders feed by making up a prey animal over time from various parts of various animals. For example a raw feeder might make up a prey animal over time that has the head of a pig, neck of a lamb, brisket of a cow, ribs of a pig, legs of a lamb, hart of a pig, spleen of a cow, liver of a goat, etc., etc.

Meat Grinder:

Eve's Teeth

Dog's teeth.

Meaty Meat:

A term some raw feeders use to refer to a hunk of muscle meat without bone.


Pork Butt Roast

Raw Meaty Bone(with the emphasis on the MEATY).

Squidgy Ick Factor:

Also refered to as the ewwwwwwwww factor. The reaction some humans have when handling RMBs and/or organs. Humans who have this problem must get over it for the sake of their dogs. If you have this problem don't worry. The more one handles squidgy items the less it will bother one.

Urka Gurka:

The sound some dogs make when they are about to throw up. The term is sometimes used to refer to a dog throwing up.

Wreck Bones:

What some raw feeders think of instead of rec bones or recreational bones. Many bones used as rec bones, aka wreck bones, are the very dense weight bearing bones of large unbulates. Those bones are very hard and can break, or wreck, teeth.